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Here it is, short and sweet! (I noticed how as I progressed through the seasons, they got worse and worse….)

Where the warmth was previously loved and embraced, it is now almost unwanted. The humidity is overwhelming, causing us to sweat as soon as the door is opened, and the dryness is enough to cause droughts and furious forest fires. But ironically, it is the most loved season of all! The gorgeous plants are all in full bloom, proudly displaying their vivid colors. Students anticipate it for weeks and even months, eager at the prospect of having a vacation from the stressful school days. It is a time for fun and relaxation, the perfect remedy for a depressed soul. It’s full of reunions, campouts, friends, laughter and sunshine. Sandals, swimsuits, shorts and sunglasses. Beaches and pools are packed with people, all trying to escape the heat, let off steam, and get beautiful tans.

    Alongside all the joy is suffering as well. This is the season when the terrifying thunderstorms begin, coupled with savage hurricanes and tornadoes. Sunburns and heat exhaustion are not uncommon either; just painful reminders that everything has a price.

    However, all things must come to an end, although this is sooner than what is considered satisfactory. The fun and games come to a slow standstill as everyone prepares for the impending chill, and the cycle of the seasons begins anew.


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