Anger’s Cost


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There is barely room on the walls of the heart for hate,

yet in all the world around us, it’s a common trait.

Envy and thirst for revenge become an invisible weight.


There’s pain enough already; anger’s the last thing we need.

If tossed around casually, more than you know will bleed.

It only takes love and forgiveness, but we’re driven by greed.


Why do we feel the need to constantly fight?

Is it simply an attempt to prove our might?

Or do we hurt others just for spite?


Whatever the reason, it’ll always be wrong.

We all know this, yet it’s been around way too long.

Perhaps its grip on our hearts is just too strong.


All of us have fallen victim to its deceit;

the temptation’s powerful, like the smell of a treat.

But a life without hate; that is what’s really sweet.